Kodiak offers custom engineering which can include the following services:

Custom Designed Products

Don’t see the product you need on our website or anywhere else? Kodiak has the ability and means to design and produce customized instrumentation, fittings, or valves to fit a customer’s specific application and/or need. Just contact us and a technical specialist can work with you to make what you need.


Application Specific Assemblies

Not all applications are by the book and are sometimes outside the specifications of the measuring instrument needed. As a solution, Kodiak has a wide variety of methods to isolate instruments from high temperatures, pulsations, and thick or corrosive media. In addition, Kodiak can also assemble multiple instruments together on a single diaphragm seal, on manifolds, or however the customer desires.


Product Consolidation

Trying to save space? Kodiak can customize manifolds to fit multiple instruments including solenoid valves, pressure transducers, switches, gauges, etc. all on one block allowing for space saving as well as installation time. For more details, visit our OEM Manifolds page.