Expertly crafted control enclosures safeguard and streamline your manufacturing environment.

When it comes to the safety and security of your manufacturing processes, few things are as critical as your choice of industrial control enclosures. Improper materials, poor design, or shoddy construction not only makes the system more difficult to manage; it also leaves your personnel and equipment vulnerable to unauthorized access.

For both custom and standard enclosures, Kodiak is proud to partner with industry leader, Saginaw Control & Engineering. SCE enclosures are crafted to the highest quality standards and are available in stainless steel, fiberglass, and exclusive Enviro-Therm® material. To suit any control configuration, Saginaw enclosures come in a wide range of designs, including:

  • Wall-mounted enclosures
  • Operator system enclosures
  • Free-standing and floor-mounted enclosures
  • Modular enclosures
  • Custom enclosures